Publikacje 2013

  • M. Antkowiak, P. Kozłowski, G. Kamieniarz, G.A. Timco, F. Tuna, R.E.P. Winpenny
    Detection of ground states in frustrated molecular rings by in-field local magnetization profiles
    (2013) Physical Review B, 87, 184430
  • R. Matysiak, P. Gegenwart, A. Ochiai, M. Antkowiak, G. Kamieniarz, F. Steglich
    Specific heat of segmented Heisenberg quantum spin chains in (Yb1−xLux)4As3
    (2013) Physical Review B, (accepted)
  • B. Brzostowski, R. Lemański, T. Ślusarski, D. Tomecka, G. Kamieniarz
    Chromium-based rings within the DFT and Falicov–Kimball model approach
    (2013) J Nanopart Res, 15, 1528
  • W. Florek, L.A. Kaliszan, K. Jaśniewicz-Pacer, M. Antkowiak
    Numerical analysis of magnetic states mixing in the Heisenberg model with the dihedral symmetry
    (2013) EPJ Web of Conferences, 40, 14003