Publikacje-N 519 579138

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    Computer Physics Communications 182 (2011) 2013 – 2016
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  • V. Bellini, D. M. Tomecka, B. Brzostowski, M. Wojciechowski, F. Troiani, F. Manghi and M. Affronte
    DFT study of the Cr8 molecular magnet within chain-model approximations
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science – accepted
  • P. Kozłowski, G. Musiał, M. Haglauer, W. Florek, M. Antkowiak, F. Esposito, and D. Gatteschi
    Non-perturbative methods in phenomenological simulations of ring-shape molecular nanomagnets
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science – accepted
  • P. Kozłowski, G. Musiał, M. Antkowiak and D. Gatteschi
    Effective parallelization of quantum simulations: nanomagnetic molecular rings
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science – accepted
  • A. Barasiński, B. Brzostowski, R. Matysiak, P. Sobczak, and D. Woźniak
    Non-uniform quantum spin chains: static and dynamic properties
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science – accepted
  • B. Brzostowski, M. Wojciechowski, R. Lemański, G. Kamieniarz, G.A. Timco, F. Tuna, R.E.P. Winpenny
    DFT and Falicov-Kimball Model Approach to Cr9 Molecular Ring
  • B. Brzostowski,  M. Wojciechowski, G. Kamieniarz
    Fundamental Gaps in Cr8, Cr7Ni and Cr7Cd Molecules
  • Ł. Kucharski, P. Sobczak, G. Kamieniarz
    Energy optimization of classical particles with long-range electrostatic interactions by a genetic algorithm approach
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  • A. Barasiński, A. Drzewiński, G. Kamieniarz
    The in-field-magnetization profiles of canted Mn-based single-chain magnets
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  • A. Barasiński, G. Kamieniarz
    The quantum approach to canted antiferromagnetic single-chain magnets
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  • P. Kozłowski, G. Kamieniarz
    QTM simulations of the spin S=3/2 rings
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  • W. Florek, M. Antkowiak, P. Kozłowski, G. Kamieniarz
    Frustration in classical and quantum odd-membered antiferromagnetic rings with bond defect
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  • M. Antkowiak, G. Kamieniarz
    Thermodynamic properties of the frustrated heterometallic Cr8Ni ring
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  • P. Kozłowski
    Entanglement in frustrated chromium rings
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  • A. Bieńko, K. Suracka, J. Mroziński, D. Bieńko, B. Brzostowski, M. Wojciechowski, G. Kamieniarz
    Design, synthesis and characterization of new pentameric molecular magnets
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